Is Starting From The Knees Stupid? Ramsey Dewey Says Yes

It’s a pretty simple thesis: Don’t start on your knees and you’ll get better at jiu-jitsu faster.

Dewey Ramsey is a former pro-MMA fighter currently coaching combat sports in China. As a classically trained dancer he’s a martial artist who’s comfortable on his feet, and feels strongly that spending too little time on the feet in class settings leads to slower learning and increased injury due to falls. He runs his own classes accordingly, stating that starting from the knees–as many schools do, citing space issues during sparring–is, simply put, “stupid.”

“Here’s a safer alternative,” proposes Ramsey. “Start from a real position that exists in a jiu-jitsu tournament or that exists in an MMA fight.” Meaning in someone’s guard, a dogfight, side control, or any other number of starting positions Dewey goes on to mention.

He goes on to demonstrate a few different warmups to prepare the body (and nervous system) for falls from standing position.

Thoughts? Is your school a booty, knee, or standing start academy?


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