How Rodolfo Vieira Dismantled Leandro Lo’s DLR

Ever wish you could combine your love of jiu-jitsu with the retro appeal of 16-bit video games and VH1’s “Pop-Up Video?” No? Well, whatever, YouTuber Ayrshire Grappler has your back. This week he’s done a bang-up job of breaking down Rodolfo Vieira’s victorious choking of savage ground fighter Leandro Lo.

Ayrshire’s “Match Study” videos are already great at highlighting what exactly goes down when two high level belts get into the battle of inches, and are doubly awesome if you’re someone who zones out when people are talking but pickup techniques visually no problem. Vieira spends a lot of time in this match countering and disassembling DLR guard, with Lo doing beautiful work staying alive and creative from the bottom. Watching how Vieira calmly chips away at his opponent, then ramps up speed and pressure once he sees his opening, is a reminder of just what a great spectator sport BJJ can be.


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