Get Nasty With This Debloused Loop Choke

American Top Team black belt Wade Rome wants to “make jiu-jitsu nasty again.” This time, you’ll have to loosen those lapels a little to do it.

Rome and fellow black belt Leonardo “Leopedia” Itaborahy demo the stupidly easy and stupidly effective loop choke, and show how deadly it is even on someone a lot bigger than you. If you’re a newer belt or transitioning from no-gi to gi, make sure you take the 60 seconds to give this one a look:

Daily Dose of Nastiness #79 with a man we are lucky to call a friend & instructor at American Top Team Rockledge, our very own Leonardo “Leopedia” Itaborahy.Leo shows a DOPE Lapel Choke from the top side. Check this out, it be NASTY!Post Note: Support the cause to Make Jiu-Jitsu Nasty Again by visiting my new sponsor, and use discount code DAILYDOSE or hit me up by DM for a Make Jiu-Jitsu Nasty Again Hat or Daily Dose Tee. Thank You for Your Support.#makejiujitsunastyagain#dailydoseofnastiness#waderomebjj#attrockledge#deblouse

Posted by Wade Rome on Wednesday, October 10, 2018



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