Caio Terra: It’s Not How Good Your Jiu-Jitsu is but How Good Jiu-Jitsu is For You

My instructor brought everyone to that tournament because he was very confident that I was going to lose. And he wanted everyone to see that I could lose too… [H]e does the knot and when I look down there was a black belt around my waist. And I was in the 2nd place and I really didn’t want to get a black belt when I lost ya know? I won everything and when I lost it was when he finally promoted me. Why would you promote me when I lost? He said “Caio I never trained you to be a champion. I trained you to change people’s life like jiu-jitsu changed yours. Your jiu-jitsu has helped so many people at the gym. It’s time for you to help people too. I’m promoting you because it’s time now for you to be a teacher. You have to pass the right message to others.”

On or off the mats, how we conduct ourselves send a message to those around us. Carry yourself with dignity and grace; we all have the heart of champions. What message are you sending?


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