Canadian Kumite to Take Place This Weekend

Submission Series Promotions is putting on another event this weekend. The Canadian Kumite, which takes place October 8th, will have a $3,500 prize for the winner of the tournament. 16 competitors will compete for the prize in a submission-only ruleset. Each match will last 10 minutes, and if there is no submission, the referee will declare a winner. The tournament includes names like Oliver Taza, Stephen Martinez, and many more. Nicky Ryan will also be taking part in a superfight during this event. Nicky Ryan is the brother of Gordon Ryan, and he will be making his professional debut against Danny An Khoi Vu.

Derek ‘Cat’ Clarke will attempt to continue his streak of putting on exciting shows. “Sub-only grappling is the world’s fastest growing combat sport,” says Clarke, “Once you strip away the complicated scoring systems – the sheer physicality and athleticism of the competitors shines through.”

Having purchased Submission Series Promotion’s last event, I can tell you that they put on extremely exciting shows. All of the competitors always go for submissions and there is very little stalling. Plus, the price can’t be rivaled. $11.99 is a small fee to pay for so much entertainment. The event starts at 7PM AST on Saturday, October 8th. You can pre-order your ticket HERE


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