Caption This Picture: Garry Tonon Taunts Dillon Danis

Garry Tonon defeated Marcelo Garcia Brown Belt Dream Team Member Mansher “Munch” Khera by points today at the United Grapplers Association in West Windsor, NJ. While the video of the match hasn’t been uploaded yet, there was a funny picture posted by Brian Ortega that shows Tonon mockingly flashing either a peace sign or signal for two points after the match in the face of his social media rival, Dillon Danis. who is a teammate of Khera. It is reported in the comments that Danis felt his teammate should have received two toward the end of the match. Tonon also commented on the photo on Facebook.

tonon comment

As reported by several outlets including, Danis and Tonon had an exchange on instagram several months ago where they called each other out. Both were scheduled to compete in last weekend’s EBI 3 event, which Tonon won, but Danis backed out after commiting to Metamoris.

Hopefully, Tonon and Danis will settle their differences on the mats sooner rather than later.





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