Upcoming Event: Chael Sonnen Vs Michael Bisping Jiu-Jitsu Match

If you enjoy grappling in MMA matchups, then Chael Sonnen to face Michael Bisping in grappling match is a must watch showdown. Taking place in Phoenix Arizona on Sunday, March 20, 2016, this matchup promises to be an exciting one. The grappling match itself is a part of a mixed style event being hosted by UR Fight. So far there are 4 fight cards announced that include matches from the following categories:

– Boxing
– Pro-Wrestling
– Grappling

This entire event will be streamed as a Pay-Per-View online event, costing US$12.00.

More About Sonnen vs. Bisping

The Sonnen vs. Bisping match will take on a submission only format and is designed to last only three rounds. Bisping is expected to compete despite being under a medical suspension, issues after his fight against Anderson Silva at the UFC Fight Night 84 last month. This is due to the fact that grappling matches remain unregulated by the Arizona Boxing and MMA Commission. The matchup promises to be an exciting one.


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