Coach Joe McCaffery Responds To Being Terminated By Rocky’s Dojo

Shortly after I posted my article on Rocky’s Dojo, I contacted Coach Joe McCaffery and asked for his thoughts on being fired.

Within hours, Coach McCaffery sent me the following email.

Chris I actually posted a comment but my short statement. Is this. I was not an employee I rented mat space but our relationship has been terminated. This was for many reasons and I was the one who suggested it. Master Rocky is the one who decided to implement it. The safety of the students was paramount and there were many threats against Master Rocky, his gym, and myself. 

He is a good and decent man who is highly skilled in his art and has an excellent reputation in the community. I did not wish for my actions to in anyway continue to bring him anymore unwarranted attack or attention. His decision was the correct one.

As if Adison’s [sic] comments he is a staunch supporter of Rocky and he has good intentions. However most of what he said about our interactions is pure fiction.

The important message should not be lost. People need to go onto Rocky’s Facebook page and give him the 5 star review he deserves or at least take down the 1 star review. Thank you again. You reporting has been fair and balanced.

Coach Joe


  1. PURE Fiction is you Joe promoting yourself, regardless of the color of the Belt! Please out of Respect of the Martial Art Industry and the people that truly appreciate traditions of it, Just go away and never come back. You have brought so many negativity to Rocky’s Dojo and for you to rebuttal every person on her is mind blowing. I hope you find whatever it is that you are looking for and wish you stay honest to yourself and wish you the Best!

    • “I will be here forever Adisen” — this sounds like the final words of comic book villian as he fades into the darkness at the end of the story.

      • Wow a comic book reference from a cartoon Character. Nothing left to talk about? Is that your frame of reference? Comic books and cartoon characters? My response was to let the world know it does not matter what you say I will continue on. That is message from life not comic books.


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