There Is No Get Out Of Jail Free Card

During weeks where we are learning escapes from a bad positions at my BJJ academy, the students try a technique and, with a frustrated look, say, “I couldn’t get out! It doesn’t work!”

I answer, “Nobody said anything about easy.” (Some of the Jiu-Jitsu Times readers may be old enough to know what a “get out of jail free card” is in the game of Monopoly).

During the demonstration portion of the class, the escape can look effortless when the instructor is demonstrating with a cooperative partner.

But when your training partner locks on to a tight side control or takes your back, that escape suddenly isn’t. And that is completely normal.

When your opponent is able to secure his grips, apply pressure, and remove all of the space for your escape, you are in a disadvantaged position. It should be difficult for you to escape!

I recall a story about a young BJJ student who attended a Royce Gracie seminar and asked the BJJ legend, “How do I escape from a fully locked-on rear naked choke?”

Royce answered with a laugh, “Man, that is like asking how do you escape when someone has a gun pointed at you and has pulled the trigger and the hammer is already falling on the bullet!”

Everyone laughed, but Royce’s point was made.

In the UFC, we often see fighters struggling to get out of a submission for an entire round. These are professional fighters who know the escapes.

Some BJJ students ask for an “easy” escape from a rear mounted body triangle.

Sorry amigo, there is no easy answer!

Most of the readers have heard an instructor answer their question about how to get out of a position with, “Don’t get there!” This is partly a flippant answer, but it’s also true. It is NOT easy to escape a tight submission or control position; it is far better to avoid the situation in the first place.

As the irreverent Kurt Osiander is famous for saying “Bro, you f#@ed up a long time ago!”

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