Did Nate Diaz Just Crash Conor McGregor’s Victory Party?

According to TMZ, Nate Diaz made a surprise appearance at Conor McGregor’s post-UFC 205 victory party.

To wit:

Diaz showed up at Marquee in NYC … where Conor was celebrating being the first fighter to hold 2 title belts at the same time. You gotta think Nate’s already planning to take 1 of them away from “Notorious.”

The video simply shows Nate leaving the club as fans try to get close to him and a reporter for TMZ asks him if he’s “next in line” to fight McGregor.  Diaz neither responds to his fans nor the reporter.

The video does not give us any indication of why Diaz was there, nor any clues about what went on in the club.  For all we know, Conor and Nate never even looked at each other.

As Diaz is the only person to have a win over McGregor in a UFC fight, and the two have both beaten each other once, it would make sense for the UFC to schedule a third fight between them.

So, perhaps Diaz was there to taunt his former opponent into a tie-breaking match.

But until we have more information as to what transpired inside, we can only speculate.


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