Colby Covington Says Ricardo Liborio Trying To Use His Name And Fame To Look Like Good Guy

Colby Covington seems to take pride in being one of MMA’s newest villains. In fact, he even bragged that reigning UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley needs him because he’s a villain. 

Colby, however, doesn’t seem to appreciate people using his name to make themselves the good guys, which is what he thinks former American Top Team (ATT) coach Ricardo Liborio did when Liborio made a statement condemning Covington’s anti-Brazilian insults.

“Ricardo Liborio is a joke,” Covington told “That guy’s been out of ATT for over two, three years. That guy’s a complete joke trying to use my name and my fame and the stuff with Brazil to put him over and make him look like the good guy from ATT.

“He’s been out of ATT for a while; he was using Dan Lambert, the ATT owner. He was using Dan. He was picking up these paychecks two or three years ago, never showing up to work. That guy is a conman, he’s a scumbag, and he’s acting like a piece of sh-t trying to use my name to put him over.”

Colby Covington defeated one of MMA’s greatest grapplers, Demian Maia via a dominant unanimous decision victory last weekend at UFC Fight Night 119, which was held in Maia’s home country of Brazil. Before and after the fight, Covington insulted the Brazilians, calling them “filthy animals” and referring to Sao Paulo as a “dump.”

Many of his Brazilian teammates expressed disappointment in his statements, but Covington has remained unapologetic.

Case in point, check out Colby Covington’s post-fight speech at UFC Fight Night 119:



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