Competition is a Consequence of Your Love of Jiu Jitsu with Tom DeBlass

The love of jiu jitsu will keep you coming back. Photo courtesy of Tom DeBlass

In only a few days, Professor Tom DeBlass’ first black belt Garry Tonon will compete in one of the most eagerly anticipated grappling matches in recent memory, when he takes on ex-UFC fighter and infamous leg attack specialist, Rousimar Palhares in England on April 2nd.

Jiu Jitsu Times caught up with Professor DeBlass and asked him his thoughts on the nature of Jiu Jitsu competition.  Please take a look at the video below and hear his thoughts in his own words.

Key Ideas:

BJJ Competition is Unlike Any Other Competition 

You must unite your technical ability, your physical ability and your mind.  Win or lose, your love for Jiu Jitsu has to keep you going.

Be Present

You must dedicate yourself seven days a week to preparing for a Jiu Jitsu competition.  Whether you are on the mats that many days or not, you must be doing something that makes you better.  Studying, breaking down techniques, doing extra conditioning, or game planning are good things to do on the days you’re not on the mats.

Leave it ALL on the mats

It’s important to train until you can barely move your limbs.  You must dig deep in training to be able to go hard in a competition.  Do not insult your opponent by not being prepared.  You would not want that of your opponent.


Everyday will not be a great day or even a good day.  Your love of Jiu Jitsu has to give you the strength to find a way to train when you don’t want to.

Negative Thoughts Cannot Exist

No matter how bad a training session or sparring match went.  Never say to yourself, I suck.  Instead focus on all of the things you can work on to improve and come back better than ever.


Train hard.  Best wishes in all of your competitions.  And thank you for representing Jiu Jitsu.

Check out Professor DeBlass at his academy Ocean County BJJ.

Follow his athlete page at Tom DeBlass Athlete Page on FB


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