Conor McGregor Hones His Jiu-Jitsu Skills For Upcoming Battle

Recently, Conor McGregor – the UFC featherweight champ – received BJJ training from Chris Haueter, who is regarded as one of the martial art’s pioneers.

Haueter was among the first US jiu-jitsu black belt exponents, and belonged to the renown ‘BJJ Dirty Dozen’. This was a group of twelve non Brazilian martial artists, who earned the grade of BJJ black belt. In 1996, Rigan Machado presented Haueter with his black belt.

McGregor published a photograph on Twitter, remarking that he was honored to spend time training with Haueter at the internationally acclaimed Combat Base gym. McGregor pointed out that Haueter had mentored many of the people who train him, and that he is a key figure in the history of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Whether this training will affect the outcome of McGregor’s second fight with Nate Diaz remains to be seen though.


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