Conor McGregor Punched An Older Man In The Face At A Pub In April & The Guy Didn’t Even Flinch

Yep, Conor McGregor is in the news again, and nope, it’s not because of his fighting career.

Video footage from an incident that was initially reported in April has finally been released, and the UFC’s most “notorious” troublemaker is at the center of it all.

Details of the incident in question were initially kept vague, with reports simply saying that McGregor had been involved in an altercation with another patron at a pub in Dublin that ended with McGregor punching the other man. Now, TMZ has released video footage that gives us a bit more insight into what happened.

The clip shows McGregor passing around cups to other pubgoers to offer them shots of his Proper Twelve whiskey. We see one older man seem to opt out, refusing one cup and then another. While it’s not clear if McGregor and the older man said anything to one another, what is clear is that just a few moments later, McGregor punches him in the face. A few other pub patrons react immediately, pushing McGregor away from his victim.

The obvious question here involves why McGregor chose to punch a guy in the face apparently just for refusing a shot of his whiskey (though some earlier reports say that the man had “taunted” McGregor about his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov), but we may never have the answer to that. Instead, please take a moment to appreciate the fact that this older man took a punch to the face from one of the most famous MMA fighters in the world and appeared completely unfazed. If you’d blinked and missed the punch, you may not have even known that this poor guy got hit.

Watch the full moment below:


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