Craig Jones Evens Rivalry With Keenan Cornelius, Nicky Ryan Victorious At Polaris 8

Image Source: UFC Fight Pass

The much anticipated ADCC rematch between Keenan Cornelius and Craig Jones started with the competitors feeling each other out, neither fighter conceding position by sitting to guard at first. Cornelius eventually sat to guard and started working from the back while Jones applied pressure from the top. Much of the match was spent with Cornelius working the bottom and Jones the top position, with Craig Jones eventually winning by split decision to earn the light heavyweight belt. The victory brings  their competition rivalry to 1-1.

Grappling phenom Nicky Ryan continued his hot streak, finishing  Masakazu Imanari via RNC in the final minutes of their match to become the Polaris lightweight champion. 

Image Source: UFC Fight Pass

The rest of the results from Polaris 8 are as follows.

Main Card:
Lillius def. Bessa via unanimous decision
Ryan def. Imanari via RNC
Strauss def. Ishii via split decision
Khera def. Giles via unanimous decision
Rocha def. Henderson via RNC

Holmes def. Davern via split decision
Vosgrove def. Long via unanimous decision
Redmond def. Ewers via unanimous decision
Ingamells def. Hughes via heelhook
Jenkins def. McKnight via RNC
Halpin def. Johns via heelhook


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