Craig Jones To Face Gilbert Burns In Sub-Only Superfight At Tampa Grappling Industries Event

Image Source: John Danaher and Gilbert Burns via Instagram

Grappling Industries is prepared to heat up summer with their events, and they’ve proven it by setting up an incredible superfight in Tampa.

In July at their Only Sub-Only competition, Grappling Industries will feature a no-gi sub-only match between Craig Jones and Gilbert Burns. The match, in true sub-only form, will have no time limit, and the only way to win is with a submission.

Jones competed in another Grappling Industries tournament earlier this month against Tim Spriggs. Jones won the Philadelphia match with an inside heel hook.

Burns, who is active in both the competitive grappling and MMA scene, most recently won the Black Belt CBD tournament. He also won his December UFC fight against Olivier Aubin-Mercier by unanimous decision.

The Tampa-based Grappling Industries Only Sub-Only Event will take place on July 27.


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