Grappling Industries Pits Tim Spriggs Against Craig Jones in Philadelphia

As an organization Grappling Industries is known for pushing the envelope with their freewheeling rule set, slick production, and efficient events. Back in December 2018 the international grappling competition quietly announced a huge matchup for their event taking place in Philadelphia on Sunday, March 10th: Tim Spriggs vs. Craig Jones.

Grappling Industries Philadelphia’s registration closed with a strong showing of 438 unique signups, and those competitors as well as civilian spectators will be treated to a world class, no time limit, submission only matchup in Spriggs and Jones.

Jones’ resume continues to grow as one of the hottest names in high level competitive grappling right now. With his breakout performances at EBI and ADCC, and his recent major victory over Keenan Cornelius, Jones consistently proves to be at the very top of the food chain.

Spriggs, on the other hand, had a fantastic 2018, winning the ADCC East Coast Trials and No-Gi Worlds. He has already started out 2019 with a bang winning his division at the Spyder Invitational. Known primarily as a points fighter, Spriggs only scored one submission in his run at the trials, and according to BJJ Heroes of his 56 career wins only 13 have come by submission. (To his credit he has only dropped 4 submission losses.)

Of the two Jones is the less prolific grappler holding 26 career wins with 20 by submission. He has only been submitted twice, both times by Gordon Ryan.

Grappling Industries continues to push the pace on regional competition scenes, last weekend holding a stunning 653 person tournament at the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio.  The plan is to live stream the event if possible or record and upload later if reception at the venue is poor. The circuit’s North American promoter Marcos Flores had this to say about the upcoming event:

“I think it’s a great match up. Tim Spriggs gained so much more respect for stepping up and doing a sub-only match with one of the best in the world at that format. There are not a lot of high level guys that would so easily jump at this opportunity. He’s a World Champion with IBJJF but that’s a different format with a totally different approach.

Craig has never backed down from a match and was quick to go against Tim. This is one of the best matches I think that will happen this year. I’m glad we had the chance to bring it to our Philly event.”

Stay up to date on all things Grappling Industries on their facebook page and their website

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