Get The Chance To Compete Against Gordon Ryan At The Arnold Classic Next Year

Image Source: Gordon Ryan via Instagram

At one point in time, Gordon Ryan was just a guy who’d show up at local jiu-jitsu tournaments and completely wreck everyone. Now, he’s Really Really Good At Jiu-Jitsu, and unless you’re also Really Really Good At Jiu-Jitsu, your chances of ever being able to test yourself against him in competition are slim to none.

Well, that was the case, at least.

Now, Grappling Industries is providing next year’s Arnold Classic attendees with the chance to go up against the self-proclaimed “King” himself. According to the organization, Ryan will be in the no-gi absolute division in their tournament at the event, and if you want the opportunity to see if you can really submit him, all you have to do is sign up for the same division yourself and win all of your matches until you face him. Yep, it’s really that easy (or, you know, hard).

Of course, this won’t be the only open division at the event. Like other GI tournaments, this one will have gi and no-gi divisions for ages ranging from kids to seniors, so you can sign up to the category that fits you best, too.

The Arnold Classic GI event will take place on March 2, 2020. Early registration ($80) ends on February 22, at which point the sign-up cost increases to $105. Each absolute division costs an additional $25.

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