Crazy Lapel Choke From A Purple Belt That Almost Got Bernardo Faria

Impressing Bernardo Faria with a “crazy lapel choke” is no easy feat if you’re a black belt. If you’re a purple belt, it’s probably even harder.

Yet that is exactly what Toby from Gracie United in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, did when Bernardo came down for a seminar.

“He tried a choke on me in the half guard that I have never seen before, and he almost got it,” Professor Faria told his viewers.

So, what exactly is this “crazy choke”? Essentially, you start out in half guard with a deep knee shield. You then pull out the lapel, wrap it around your opponent’s neck, scissor sweep, pin his arm with your knee, and drive down on his neck.

Check out the video below for a more detailed explanation.


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