Cris Cyborg Feels Disrespected By Featherweight Title Snub, Dana White Scoffs

As many of you are probably aware, Invicta Featherweight Champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino was recently snubbed for the inaugural UFC featherweight championship, which will be awarded either to Holly Holm or Germaine de Randamie on February 11 at UFC 208.

Needless to say, Cyborg is not happy with the decision.

“Everybody knows I’m the featherweight champion,” Cyborg told MMA Fighting. “I’m undefeated for 10 years in my division. They put this belt only to sell the fight for the new MMA fans. For an example, Holly is coming off two consecutive losses and will fight for the belt. The real fight fans know what’s real.”

It’s not only her division that she believes has these problems, though. Justino cited the men’s interim featherweight championship fight between Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis as another example of this unfairness.

I have no idea, there are no rules in MMA. The last fight in the men’s 145-pound division, a 10-0 fighter fought a guy who was 1-5 in his last fights. Other fighters like me have to wait for a title fight. I’m fighting for my division for 10 years, and until yesterday Dana said there were no women. This is our reality.

The Invicta Featherweight Champ also took to Twitter to air her grievances.

UFC President Dana White, however, scoffed at Cyborg’s complaints, claiming she said she could not make 145 pounds in eight weeks.

“We’re in the fight business. That’s what we do for a living,” White told “We’re out to disrespect Cyborg? She said she couldn’t make 145 pounds in eight weeks. We offered her a second and a third fight. She turned them down. With everything I’ve got going on in my life, the last thing I’m thinking is, ‘Hey, let’s get together and disrespect Cyborg.'”

Furthermore, White might not even grant Cyborg a chance at the winner of Holm vs de Randamie.  According to MMA Mania, the UFC might put Holm against Rousey in a champion vs champion superfight.

That is, of course, assuming both women win their respective matches.

Still, it is an insult Cris Cyborg, and one that is no doubt going to continue the heated rivalry between her and Dana White.




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