Cub Swanson Earns Unanimous Decision In HUGE Slugfest Against Do Ho Choi

Some people were calling this match the unofficial main event of UFC 206.

Some people were right!

This fight could have easily rivaled or bettered the famous Sanchez vs Melendez fight of UFC 166.

The two showed very opposite fighting styles. Cub Swanson kept his hands low and threw wild punches that, as UFC color commentator Joe Rogan described, looked like they “came from grandma’s house.”

Choi, on the other hand, had a piston like precision.

Both styles were equally effective, though, and when they collided, fireworks went off. Cub would come in charging with wild lefts and rights (and at one point, Anthony Pettis’ famous cartwheel kick), and Choi would weather the storm with precise lefts and rights.

In the end, though, it was Cub who impressed the judges.

Winner by unanimous decision: Cub Swanson


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