Cyborg Calling Ronda Rousey Being Hypocritical And Dana White Being A Bully

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos has strong words about Ronda Rousey’s criticism of recent body shaming. According to Cyborg, Ronda has teamed up with Dana White over the past five years to bully her through the media. She also believes that this bullying led to other competitors resorting to the same tactics. Cyborg has been told that she looks mannish and that she looks like Wanderlia Silva when walking in the dress. While Ronda has been heckled for putting on extra weight in-between her fights and for the size of her arms, Santos says that it is hypocritical of her to take offense after having been a regular source of mean-spirited comments in the past that detracted both from the sport and the accomplishments of the women who participate in it.

Ronda appears to be growing more sensitive to this issue now that she’s on the receiving end. As Cyborg calls out Ronda on body image fight hypocrisy, she is also working hard to put a stop to this type of body shaming. According to Santos, she will use her next fight to garner more attention for bullying.

Rousey told the New York Times:

“Because somebody said something really rude to me, I came into the shoot purposely way heavier,” Rousey said. “And the campaign ended up being amazing, even though I was heavier just to make a point.”

“I swear to God. If anyone calls me fat one more time in my life, I’m going to kill them.”

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos Posted on Her Facebook

I find it Hypocritical of @rondarousey to complain about people in Hollywood being critical of her body image, talking about her arms or the extra weight she carries between fights.

For the past 5 years this same Ronda Rousey and Dana White have used the media to Bully me, opening the door for other opponents to try the same tactics.

Instead of talking about my fighting skills, they would rather use the Media attention to say like I look like a man, or that I Walk like Wanderlia Silva in a dress.


These comments are not made to promote a fight between the 2 best female fighters on the planet!!

they are said to make me feel bad, and are a weak attempt to bully someone into having lower self esteem.

Whether Ronda accepts the responsibility or not, she is a role model for millions of girls around the world and they listen to what she says, often times imitating her actions.

I am glad to see she is more sensitive to the issue of Bullying now that she is experiencing it for herself in Hollywood and hopefully with this comes more maturity and growth as a woman.

I see the results of bullying online everyday, and it is a real problem, because of this I have decided to use my next fight in ‪#‎InvictaFC‬ to bring awarness to online Bullying, more news about my next opponent and fight date to come soon!

It is important that people understand their true value is not in the way that they look, how many instagram followers they have, or the amount of money that they have in their bank account.

Our true self worth and lasting legacy comes from the way we treat one another, how well we help our communities, and our ability to serve god.

Online bullying will never go away, but through education I hope we can lead people to see the consequences of their actions, and I am glad to see Ronda Rousey is starting to see this for herself



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