Faber Going Off On Dillashaw: Business Decision? I Turned Down The Fight With Him Twice!

Faber going off on Dillashaw right now!! That’s how the Stud Radio Show podcast promoted its recent interview of Team Alpha Male’s founder, talent scout and trainer Urijah Faber, a former winner of the MMA Featherweight Championship. Faber provided some more in-depth reflections on what many sports enthusiasts consider to be a Dillashaw betrayal.

Dillashaw credited Faber’s Team Alpha Male for his development in the sport, but he chose to leave the Sacramento team to join the new Elevation Fight Team in Colorado that’s coached by former Team Alpha Male coach Duane Ludwig. Faber discussed Dillashaw leaving, potential MMA matchups and other issues. On Dillashaw, Faber previously downplayed the betrayal as a business decision. In the interview, Faber suggested that Dillashaw could make more money mowing lawns and revealed that Dillashaw’s bad temper often resulting in injuries to sparring partners during practice sessions.



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