Dana White Wants Nate Diaz To Move To Get A Shot Against Lawler

Dana White is now trying to plan the future of Nate Diaz in the wake of the surprising UFC 196 results. McGregor was slated to face lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos, who was forced to back out of the fight due to injury. Nate Diaz, a long-time MMA fan favorite, was given a shot against Conor McGregor. With just eleven days’ notice, Diaz took advantage of the opportunity and managed to submit McGregor. It was a bloody and brutal fight that had MMA fans screaming at the top of their lungs.

Dana White: “You know what would make a lot of sense? This isn’t the fight I’m making; I’m just saying him and Robbie would make a lot of sense,”

“His brother beat Robbie. Robbie is now the world champion, and Nate became very, very popular tonight. We’ll see what happens with Nate.”

UFC Dana White must now deal with the aftermath of the Nate Diaz win. Conor McGregor was a popular fighter that helped take the UFC into new heights in terms of ticket sales and television revenue. Nate Diaz on the other hand is a polarizing figure, a charismatic fighter with a penchant for saying and doing the wrong things at the wrong time. It seems that Dana White sees the potential in seeing how Diaz fares against champion Robby Lawler. According to Dana White: 170 title shot for Nate Diaz ‘makes sense’. Nate’s brother, Nick, has previously beaten Lawler and it would be interesting to see if Nate can follow in his brother’s footsteps.


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