Deconstructing Jiu Jitsu with Adem Redzovic

In this clip from This Week in BJJ, Adem Redzovic discusses the relationship between stability and mobility.  Redzovic is known for his conceptual approach to teaching and here he explains that these polar opposite concepts are never far from each other.  By not establishing a strong and stable body position, in side control for instance, escaping and moving our hips is nearly impossible.

A few key takeaways from this video:

From bottom positions, i.e. side control–Staying flat on your back forces you to absorb all of your opponents’ pressure.  Simply turning to your side, drastically minimizes this pressure.

When on your side–Your stability points are your shoulders, elbows, and hands.  Without them, it is difficult to free your hips from dangerous situations.

Deconstructing BJJ–By understanding the nuances of a pass and deconstructing and simply reversing those nuances, you can improve your guard and vice versa.  Always keep in mind that there is a yin and yang to every move.

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