Defending the Triangle: Kurt Osiander and Dean Lister

ADCC Champion and submission artist Dean Lister shares his philosophy of submission defence.

Many students of bjj ask how to counter submissions, but they are thinking only of #3 – when they are ALREADY caught in the submission.

But prevention and counters are even MORE important to PREVENT the attacks from happening in the first place!

As the inimitable Kurt Osiander says “Bro, f%$#%^* up a LONG time ago!”

Kurt Osiander – Triangle Defense

Dean Lister Shows Triangle Defense With Keenan Cornelius

1) Counter technique

You use your opponent’s move as an opportunity to pass their guard.

Like a boxer counter punching off of their opponent’s strike, you use their action to create an opening for your own offensive technique.

2) Prevention

Instead of trying to fight out of a fully locked triangle, how about using proper posture in the guard and distance to take away your opponent’s opportunity to attack you in the first place?

Don’t even let the opponent get started!

3) Escape

Oh snap! You are caught in a submission!

How do you prevent the submission from being completed and look to escape and improve your position?

4) Resistance

You can’t get out, but you can create your own strong leverage to resist and stall out their submission attack.

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