Derrick Lewis Comes From Behind And Destroys Travis Browne At UFC Halifax

It is official, everyone: “The Black Beast” Derrick Lewis is a force to be reckoned with in the UFC’s heavyweight division.

Lewis came into his fight against Travis “Happa” Browne riding a five-fight win streak. Four of those five wins came by way of knockout, too.

At first, it appeared as if Browne was going to be the one to slam the breaks on The Black Beast’s streak. Happa doubled Lewis over twice in the first round, first with a front kick to the stomach, then with a knee. Lewis kept going strong, though, even throwing some impressive wheel kicks and jumping kicks that you rarely see in the heavyweight division.

By the second round, Browne looked like he was going for the stomach again. However, when Happa went for a head kick, Lewis turned the tables on his opponent, teeing off on Browne’s head with huge lefts and rights.

Travis weathered the storm temporarily, but when a takedown went wrong and Lewis ended up on top, Happa just brought more punishment on himself.

Again, Travis Browne survived, but when another of Lewis’ huge fists connected with his chin, Travis sealed his fate. His knees buckled, he went down, and the referee had no choice but to end the fight.

After the match, Derrick Lewis told fans that he wanted three months off.

Fair enough. He worked hard for that win.

But when he comes back, his opponent had better be prepared.

Winner by knockout (punches) in Round 2: Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis


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