BJJ Competitor Died In Competition

One of the most unfortunate aspects of life is that at some point, it is going to end.

That is precisely what happened at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition recently in Poland.

The competitor, whose name is not known as of this writing, was taking part in a medal ceremony when he collapsed and was unable to be resuscitated by those in attendance at the event.

Out of respect for the competitor, the remaining events were cancelled.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an amazing combat sport and the people who take the chance to learn this art form are what make it so special. We have lost one of those people now, and the sport has suffered a big loss because of it.

Tournament organizers’ statement through grapplerinfo:

“While held competitions Open Gi, there was the death of one of the participants. Some time after the battle, in anticipation of the medal, he fainted. Despite immediate medical assistance by rescuers failed to save him. In connection with this very unpleasant for us Total event, we decided to advance the end of the tournament.
Information regarding compensation for players who do not have time to fight, will appear in a few days.”



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