Dillon Danis Still Not On Speaking Terms With “Standoffish” Former Instructor Marcelo Garcia

Dillon Danis’ made headlines last year when he was kicked out of his old gym by his former coach Marcelo Garcia, and it appears the two have yet to smooth things over.

Danis was on the The MMA Hour on Monday, and when asked by host, Ariel Helwani, about his relationship with his former coach, Dillion said:

No, I have not talked to him [Marcelo]. I’ve seen him in the street a couple of times in New York, but that’s it. We haven’t really talked or anything like that. 

When asked about what they did when they saw each other in the street, Danis described it as an “awkward nod,” and told Helwani that Marcelo is a “standoffish” guy who “holds grudges.”

Still, despite being one of the biggest trash talkers in the sport of competitive BJJ, Danis has nothing but the utmost respect for Marcelo Garcia, even though he is also willing to move on if things don’t work out between them:

I have no ill will towards him. I love him. He was like a dad figure to me, and I hope everything kind of works itself out, or we can just keep going like this. 

Dillon Danis is set to make his MMA debut on April 28 at Bellator 198. You can check out his interview with Ariel Helwani below:


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