Do Nerves Affect Your Competition Performance? You’re Not Alone

Just about everyone deals with feeling nervous before a bit competition, but those nerves affect different people in different ways. Some competitors thrive on their own nervous energy, while others emotionally crumble under the weight of the pressure they feel.

Even black belts aren’t immune to the impact that nerves can have… but with all that experience, they’re often a bit more equipped to deal with that competition anxiety. If you struggle to manage your anxiousness ahead of a tournament, check out Australian black belt Jess Fraser‘s advice on how to deal with nerves.

Nervous about your next competition?

Nerves affect us all in different ways. Some of us perform better when nerves kick in, others almost freeze in fear at the thought of competition.Here is some advice regarding how to deal with nerves from Australian Black Belt Jess Fraser.

Posted by MMA Media on Sunday, October 21, 2018


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