Do You Have To Train At A Big-Name BJJ Gym To Become A Big-Name BJJ Athlete?

It seems like a lot of elite jiu-jitsu athletes train at a select handful of elite jiu-jitsu gyms, and there’s good reason for it. These large affiliations and famous coaches have made their names by being very good at what they do, building BJJ athletes up to become champions and providing top-of-the-line training.

For athletes with big dreams and small town training opportunities, the question often arises: can they be the Next Big Thing in jiu-jitsu without training under these elite coaches? Or should they start planning to move to California or New York to dedicate their lives to training?

In this video, Nick Albin of “Chewjitsu” shares his thoughts on what you should do if you’re considering changing your life to pursue your dreams of ADCC championships and UFC contracts. Take a listen to his advice before you sell off your worldly possessions and abandon your current teammates.


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