A Dog Almost Ate Renzo’s Private Parts

Like all the Gracies, Renzo Gracie has been in some tough fights.

But this…this may be the worst:

We had a dog in the house. The dogs had to be so nasty because there were always people trying to jump the wall to go in the house and steal things. Our dogs were the nastiest dogs. 

For me to get into the house I had to talk to the dog for an hour and a half from the top of the wall until he stopped growling at me. 

One day, that dog grabbed me — I was fighting my cousin Ricardo — in the middle of the fight the dog charged and grabbed me by the private parts. 

As people tried to pull the dog, I grabbed the dog and said ‘don’t pull it! Leave it! Leave it!’ 

My amazing mom grabbed the dog’s ear to twist it, he turned to bite her and I was free to run!

Can anyone think of a good BJJ-based counter to a dog biting off your family jewels?


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