Don’t Worry: Ffion Davies Is (Mostly) Fine After That Scary Submission At ADCC

Ffion Davies had one of ADCC’s most impressive performance this year, shocking fans when she armbarred Bia Mesquita to earn her place in the finals. But Davies’ dreams of ADCC gold were cut short after a leg lock battle with opponent Bianca Basilio that ended with Basilio securing a toe hold, winning the match and leaving Davies on the mats in agony.

Much like Davies’ win over Mesquita that left the latter with her arm in a sling, fans were torn between being happy for the victor and being worried for her injured opponent, especially when Davies had to be carried off the mats and taken backstage in a wheelchair. But thankfully, it looks like Davies is going to be just fine with some rest.

In an Instagram post, Davies sent out a positive message about her ADCC experience and assured her fans that although she’ll need some time off, her injury isn’t going to be anything that will require extensive measures to heal:

Of course I wanted to win, and I’m a little sad, but I’m excited to see how this pushes me to get better. So happy to stand on the podium with two lovely girls, and in particular with fellow European 
@elvirakarppinen_10p ❤️ it’s going to take time, and I’ve come a long way from getting killed in my first match at my first ADCC 😂 there’s 2 years to improve and to achieve the gold, and I’m excited to get back to training. Thank you all for your kind messages, I appreciate them all so much, I’ll need a little time to recover but it isn’t anything serious!”

Given the amount of heart that Davies showed this year at ADCC, we’re sure it won’t be long until she’s back on the mats adding even more crazy-impressive accomplishments to her jiu-jitsu resume.


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