ADCC Competitor Alec Baulding Reveals Why He Started Sharing His BJJ Knowledge For Free Online

Alec Baulding is a serious jiu-jitsu competitor, and he proved it this year when he qualified for and then competed at ADCC. Funnily enough, though, that’s not why he’s famous (or, you know, “jiu-jitsu famous”). Baulding is a familiar face to many people searching for free jiu-jitsu techniques on YouTube, covering everything from wrestling to day-one basics to techniques that are custom-designed for shorter athletes. And he’s done such a good job of it all that he now has a DVD for sale on BJJ Fanatics.

Baulding put on an impressive performance against Gabriel Arges this year at ADCC, and while he didn’t get the result he wanted, it isn’t lost on him that even getting this far was an incredible accomplishment that most grapplers will never achieve.

We chatted with Baulding after his match on Saturday, and he offered some great insight into how he got started with online instruction, his ADCC experience, and what other jiu-jitsu athletes should do if they’re not feeling so confident about their skills:


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