During The Nightmare Of 2020, Swedish BJJ Athlete Max Lindblad Opened A Gym

2020 was a tough year for everyone, the jiu-jitsu community included. Many gyms were shut temporarily, and some closed their doors permanently.

In the middle of that hectic year, though, Swedish jiu-jitsu athlete Max Lindblad decided to pursue his dreams. Linblad, who won the Abu Dhabi World Pro as a brown belt and Euros as a purple and blue belt, opted to take a chance and open a small gym along with Max Philipsson.

Despite a difficult year, their risk paid off, and Stark IF has found success and even grown. Now, Lindblad has his sights set on building a team that’s ready to go out and conquer some of the best BJJ tournaments in the world.

In partnership with Sweep Productions, the Jiu-Jitsu Times has released an exclusive short film sharing the new beginnings for this athlete and his growing team. Take a look below:


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