Eddie Bravo And 10th Planet ‘No Longer Honor’ Black Belt Of Elia Yuriditsky

Photo/Instagram: @eliawithbacon

10th Planet Founder Eddie Bravo and his first black belt Denny Prokopos have agreed to revoke the black belt of Elia Yuriditsky. This is according to an Instagram post by Prokopos. Neither he nor Bravo have stated why they decided to revoke Yuriditsky’s belt.


You can read the post below:

It is long known that there is a difference between a true martial artist and the lover of the arts. To some receiving a black belt is the ultimate goal but soon they realize that the black belt is just the beginning of a profound and deep connection between you and the integrity of the arts. Everyday when we get up as an martial artist and a representative of a legacy we must make sure that our integrity stays intact and that make good choices to protect our own. Having the our values intact and always within us is what we should always strive for and should expect form our martial arts family. So when any of our own true martial artist is not representing our core values and ideology to the fullest we have to make sure to protect the ones that do with not just everything we got but with all that we stand for.I had a talk with Eddie Bravo and we came to the agreement that we will no longer honor Mr. Elia Yuriditsky black belt under our 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system and family. -Denny Prokopos

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