Escapes: The Symptom vs The Cause

Smart students ask questions.
After your rolls, you will very likely have experienced difficulty with your techniques.

You may even have been submitted with the same submission several times!

How did it happen? How do you prevent it from happening the next time you roll with that opponent?

I observed a student who kept getting submitted by the rear naked choke from the back.

Exasperated, he asked me after rolling the honest question : “How do I counter the rear naked choke?”

I said that was not his problem.

He looked at me with incomprehension.
He had just gotten choked 3 times and I am saying he didn’t have a problem with defending the choke?!?

In the elegant words of the inimitable Kurt Osiander “Bro, you f@c#ed up a long time ago!”

Kurt Osiander – Escape From Mount

I watched the student repeatedly give his back in an incorrect escape from the mount, the opponent secured a dominant position and got the choke.

Tapping to the choke was the SYMPTOM.
The real problem was the bad habit of giving the back when mounted.
That was the CAUSE!

Like a doctor who prescribes a medication to treat symptoms but never addresses the underlying cause, we are missing the most important aspect of the problem.
If we can correct that mistake, we remove the cause instead of just treating the symptom.

It is easy to confuse the cause and effect.
If we rewind the match video we can identify where a fighter made a wrong move that then had a later consequence.

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