ESPN To Raise UFC Pay-Per-View Prices Starting In January

Skitterphoto vis Pexels

If you’re planning on ordering some of the UFC pay-per-view fights in 2020, be prepared to pay a little more. ESPN has announced that they’ll be raising PPV prices back to $64.99 in the new year, with the first card affected by the increase being the highly anticipated UFC 246. The card will feature Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone as the main event.

The “new” price isn’t really new — UFC PPV cards were available for $64.99 before the UFC and ESPN reached their exclusive broadcast partnership deal in 2019 and dropped the cost to $59.99.

The price will likely not be a dealbreaker for fans who were already willing to shell out $60 to watch an event, but if you and your teammates all contribute to the cost of one event during weekend get-togethers, make sure everyone is still paying their fair share.


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