This Father Needs Your Help Getting His Son To The Pan-Ams

Early this morning, the Jiu-Jitsu Times was contacted by a father in need of help.

“Hi ! My name is Tadeusz Witkowski and I’m a father of young Jiu-jitsu warrior Igor,” the man said. “Igor is 10 years old and his journey to becoming a one of the best of the world , begin in February this year . His dream is to get a chance to fight with the best of the world that’s why he wants to go to California and be a part of the biggest competition . He just won European championship in Wolverhampton UK . We are not a Rockefeller’s so we can’t afford to pay for it . What I asking for is if you guys can share this link and help Igor . Thank you for reading this message anyway . Have a nice day”

The “biggest competition” Tadeusz is referring to is the 2019 Pan-Ams.

If you are interested in helping Igor fulfill his dreams of BJJ greatness, you can donate here.



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