Felipe Pena Wins 3 Matches By Submission And Earns Another ACBJJ Title: “It Could Not Have Gone Any Better”

Photo: ACBJJ

In an incredible performance, the black belt earned his second title in the Russian event

Felipe “Preguiça” Pena, had basically a perfect season. After winning most of the tournaments in which he participated,  highlighting the ADCC absolute title, which is the largest grappling event on the planet, the Jiu-Jitsu black belt closed out the year in big style as the ACBJJ (Absolute Championship Berkut Jiu-Jitsu) gi champion. in addition to that, Pena fought last Saturday, December 9, in Moscow, Russia, looking for his second belt in the event, this time at the no-gi version of the tournament, and achieved his goal in the best possible way: Submitting all his opponents.

Photo: ACBJJ
“I had three very tough fights and, thanks God, I submitted all of them. The first one was against Gutemberg Pereira, in which I was able to finish with a calf lock and that was awarded as submission of the night. I trained this technique a lot, and I knew I could apply it to any fight. On my second match, I faced Lucas “Hulk”, from Atos. I had never fought with him before. I was able to finish him with a guillotine on the second round. In the final, I faced the Russian, Abdurakhman Bilarov, who had already finished Erberth Santos and Jackson Sousa that day. I also submitted him by guillotine,” said Felipe.

In addition to the title and the award for the most beautiful submission of the event, the black belt still had more reasons to celebrate his performance: he didn’t suffer any points in the tournament.

“I felt very good in this championship. I was very prepared and with physical conditioning up to date. I’m very happy with my performance, for having managed to finish the three fights and, mainly, for not having taken a point in the GP. It could not have gone any better. I trained a lot and, thanks God, everything worked out well for me, and I closed the year as I wanted”


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