Felipe Pena Grabs The ACB JJ Light Heavyweight Championship With Guillotine Choke On Abdurakhman Bilarov

ACB JJ Light Heavyweight Championship

Felipe Pena has done it yet again!

The multiple-time ADCC and IBJJF Champion can now add ACB JJ Light Heavyweight Champion to his impressive resume.

Bilarov attempted a few takedowns at the beginning but couldn’t get anything. After close to a minute of standing, Felipe decided to sit down. Bilarov tried to pass his guard, but to no avail, and he knelt into Pena’s butterfly guard.
Felipe then played some knee shield and half guard, transitioning to a leg lock. He couldn’t get it, but he landed a nice sweep. Bilarov took advantage of the sweep to go for a leg lock of his own, but couldn’t get anything.
Slap of the hands and Round 2 begins. Felipe pulled guard after about a minute of stand-up grappling. Bilarov tried to pass but Pena went for a leg lock. Bilarov spun out but Pena swept him for another two points. After that, Bilarov played some superb guard and stopped Pena from passing his guard for the rest of the round.
Round three also started out with a lot of stand-up grappling, but when Bilarov left his neck a little to far out during a single leg attempt, he was done. Felipe locked in a guillotine from the mount, and after a brief struggle, earned himself the tap.
Congratulations to Felipe Pena on his latest championship victory!


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