Garry Tonon Out Points AJ Agazarm In Round Two Of KASAI Pro

Garry Tonon and AJ Agazarm have met many times in the past, and each time, Tonon won.

Sadly for AJ, this tonight at the KASAI Pro grappling tournament was no exception.

Garry started out with three arm drags, sending AJ off the mat. AJ shot in for a single, and Garry returned with a Kimura attempt.

Garry sat to guard, but couldn’t get anything. His jumping triangle attempt was a little different, though. Tonon managed to lock it in, and for a second, it looked like he could have ended the match early. Agazarm, however, managed to slip his head out.

AJ Agazarm and Garry Tonon getting after it at KASAI!

Posted by FloGrappling on Saturday, December 9, 2017

Tonon, however, stayed on top, earning himself two points. After a little time in AJ’s knee shield guard, Garry stood up. AJ went for some double unders but couldn’t make anything happen.

Forty-five seconds into the match, Garry hit an ankle pick and was able to ride out the rest of the match.

Winner by points: Garry Tonon!


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