Gordon Ryan Taps Out Yuri Simoes Via Rear Naked Choke In Last 18 Seconds of KASAI Pro

“The King” Gordon Ryan reigned supreme tonight in the last KASAI Pro superfight.

Ryan took on Yuri Simoes.

The two started out aggressively. Gordon sat to guard immediately and tried to get Yuri into his butterfly guard. Ryan got a front head lock, then tried to move to the back, but he ended up standing in Simoes’ open guard. Yuri did an excellent job of keeping Ryan at bay with his guard.

They both stood up. Gordon sat to guard again and Yuri went into deep half. Gordon took advantage of the position to work into a triangle, but he wasn’t able to get it.

The two got up but Gordon took Yuri down immediately with an uchi mata. Ryan went for a Kimura but wasn’t able to keep the grip.

Ryan ended up back in open guard and got to the back. From there, he locked in a body triangle, isolated one of Yuri’s arms, and locked in a rear naked choke, ending the fight with only 18 seconds to spare.

Winner by submission (rear naked choke) Gordon Ryan!


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