Renato Canuto Becomes KASAI Pro Champion With Judges Decision Over Celsinho Venicius

Renato Canuto is the first ever KASAI Pro Champion.

Canuto won the 8-man tournament not only by triumphing over big names such as Garry Tonon (whom he stopped via points), but defeating the man he met in the finals, Celsinho Venicius.

The match started out with a big fist bump, as if the two were ready to go to war. Yet rather than going in for the kill, both men were extremely cautious in the first four minutes of the six-minute regulation time period. Neither man wanted to go to the ground. It was Renato, however, who played the aggressor, though.

Canuto landed a takedown four minutes in and climbed up on Venicius’ back. Celsinho, however, was able to shake him off.

Renato went in for a double leg again. This time, he allowed himself to get caught in a front head lock and Celsinho suplexed him, but wasn’t able to keep Canuto down.

Again Renato went for a double leg and again Celsinho suplexed him. It was the end of regulation, though.

The match went to overtime after a brief break. Renato went for an arm drag then tried to take the back. The two neared the edge of the mat, though, so the referee started the match in the center. Canuto attempted another double, but the match was over.

Though he wasn’t able to stop his opponent, the judges awarded him the victory.

Winner by judges’ decision and first ever KASAI Pro Champion: Renato Canuto!


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