Felipe “Preguiça” Pena

Felipe Pena

  • Full Name: Felipe Carsalade Pena
  • Birthday: October 19, 1991
  • Affiliation: Felipe Preguiça Team / Gracie Barra BH / Team Romulo Barral (TRB)

Felipe “Preguiça” Pena was one of the most influential names in martial arts in recent years. This incredible fighter was born on October 19th, in the gorgeous city of Belo Horizonte, located in Brazil. He had first started his Brazilian Jiu jitsu training at the tender age of 14. He has said that he was strongly supported by the activities and power of his brother Augusto Vieira, who has also been known as Tio Chico, which roughly translates to Uncle Fester. As he was growing up and learning how to fight with the martial art, Preguiça’s first coach had been Mauro Gerald. This professional was responsible for hosting the children’s BJJ program with the Gracie Barra Horizonte. However, as the young student began to advance and show his best, his mentors had switched. When Felipe Pena reached the blue belt level in the training program, Felipe Pena went to train with Romulo Barral

From the day that Felipe Preguiça had started his training with the adults team on the academy, he had decided that he is going to seriously plan in order to follow the career of a professional practitioner and competitor of Jiu Jitsu competitor. Through dedication, natural talent and a great degree of hard work, Felipe had quickly begun to start making his mark in the field. He has since been winning a large number of important tournaments, earning his black belt when he had worked with the Master Draculino and the incredible Marcelo Azevedo. Felipe has also found a great deal of inspiration in his BJJ style after he had worked with another expert in the field. Recently, however, due to a technicality, he has failed a drug test and he was was suspended from partaking in any IBJJF tournament for a whole year and stripped of his title. After the suspension Felipe Preguiça came back strong and won Double Gold at IBJJF Worlds No Gi 2015

Felipe Pena


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