Felipe Pena Moves To 99+ To Be In Gordon Ryan’s Bracket At ADCC

The only man to ever beat Gordon Ryan twice in competition has officially entered the 99+ bracket for ADCC 2022.

After winning IBJJF Worlds Absolute and retiring from gi competition, Felipe Pena has made it known that he plans on coming for Gordon Ryan this year. It’s not uncommon for grapplers to call out Ryan, but this is different. Not only does Pena hold 2 victories over Ryan, but he won by RNC in 2018, and won 6-0 on points at ADCC 2017.

Pena publicly called on Ryan on an instagram post in December of 2021, requesting ADCC Head Organizer Mo Jassim to move him into the 99+ division, “My chubby son is a liar boy who always says that I don’t want to fight him, that I never sign the contract, etc… And that’s the biggest lie in the world because I’ve tried to make this fight happen several times but there are many fools who believe. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing mkt for a fight, doing trash talk, this is based on the profile of each one, but he goes beyond the limit, offends, lies, and deceives a lot of people in this big internet world. Since the ADCC confirmed that he will fight in the +99kg category (which by the way was not in my -99kg category) I make a public and official request here to the organization to change my category and put me in it (+99kg). My baby is very angry. I really want to move up and beat him for the 3rd time… Change approved @mojassim80 @adcc_official ?”

Gordon Ryan commented, “@adcc_official @mojassim80 give him to me on the 1st day. This way he will have a good seat on the 2nd day in the stands where he belongs as he watches me beat up Andre worse than Andre beat him up. I want him 2nd match.”

These two are eager to battle it out, and the trash talk leading up to the match should be brutal. Fans can anticipate an electric 99+ division at this years ADCC Championships.

ADCC 2022 takes place on September 17-18 in Las Vegas, NV.


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