Female Powerlifter Tries BJJ

What happens when a female powerlifter tries Brazilian jiu-jitsu?

Just ask Melis Limes, star of the Youtube vlog ¨Melis Vlogs.¨ Limes and friend Steph Gaudreau tried BJJ out at a local gym. Limes said it looked like a great cardio workout, though after trying it she did not find it particularly difficult.

She also had an intersting analogy for learning jiu-jitsu:

¨What the instructor was saying was, it´s like learning a new language,¨Melis told her viewers. ¨When you learn a new language, you´re learning the grammar, how each word is conjugated, and how each sentence is formed, but when you´re speaking it, you don´t think, like, oh, okay, I´m going to conjugate this word this way, this word is going to go this way…no, you just speak it.¨

Check out Melis Limes, vlog below:


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