Fight 2 Win Will Produce “Lights, Video, Sound, Fire, & Whatever The F*** Else They Want” For This Year’s ADCC

Image Source: Fight 2 Win

For years now, Fight 2 Win has set itself apart in the jiu-jitsu competition scene for its impressive production at its events. In addition to creating an amazing visual and audio experience for their own shows, Team No Sleep has also put their resources and skills to use at in 2016. Now, the team has announced that they’ll be handling the production of the “Olympics of jiu-jitsu,” a.k.a. this year’s ADCC event.

F2W CEO Seth Daniels made the official announcement last night on social media:

@f2wbjj is producing (lights, video, sound, fire, whatever the fuck else we want) the 2019 ADCC World Championships…

Posted by Seth Daniels on Monday, April 22, 2019

Daniels told the Jiu-Jitsu Times that this year’s ADCC competitors and spectators could expect “two times the amount of production as a F2W event — think ‘F2W meets Rammstein concert.'”

“I hit up Mo [Jassim] after the 2017 ADCC and told him that he needed to bring me on to produce 2019,” he said. “2017 ADCC looked like a really nice local tournament; this is the f*cking Olympics of grappling. It needs to have proper production to reflect the level of the athletes and the quality of the event.”

Daniels emphasized that anyone watching the event would be getting a serious bargain if they choose to attent. “In my opinion, this event is WAY underpriced for the production we are going to provide and the quality of athletes that ADCC has invited to the event. It’s only half sold out now, but we are expecting it to sell out before we open doors. So the 3,000 people that attend and the 100k-plus that will be watching online are going to be treated to the best grappling event in history.”

ADCC 2019 will happen in Anaheim, California on September 28 and 29.


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