Fist Fight Between Blue Belt And Brown Belt Almost Breaks Out At BJJ Competition

A fist fight almost broke out at a BJJ competition in Singapore.

According to the Jiu-Jitsu Times reader who sent the video:

Singaporean HUANG SHI HAO (brown belt) fought to a draw in a jiu jitsu fight against Shaqueme from UK (Blue belt), feeling unhappy, shi Hao pushed Shaqueme and a fight almost broke out.

shaqueme(the man in white), is calling out shi hao to a mma fight.

The reader didn’t specify which MMA promotion the two would fight for if Shi Hao accepted.

UPDATE: According to another reader, the match took place at Grapple Asia, and it was the first super fight match.

Rock Shem lost in his first round. Shi Hao went on to win silver in the finals.

Posted by Shaqueme Shem Rock on Friday, March 9, 2018

Some people are also disputing the first reader’s claim that the match was a draw. According to them, Shi Hao won.

Here is the full match:

Grapple Asia Super Fight Night Match 1

Grapple Asia Super Fight Match 1 Shaqueme Shem Rock (Monarchy MMA Gym) vs Huang Shihao (BJJ Singapore)

Posted by Grapple Asia on Friday, March 9, 2018


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