Five Tips For Purple Belts To Improve Their BJJ

A lot of attention has been given to white belts and blue belts on improving their Brazilian jiu-jitsu. This makes sense. White belt is the lowest rank, so obviously practitioners at that level need the most help; and blue belt is often considered so frustrating that the BJJ world had to invent a phrase — the “blue belt blues” to describe what many practitioners at this rank.

Very little advice has been given to purple belts, though, and this doesn’t make much sense. Most people start teaching around purple belt, and it’s at this time that they truly start solidifying the game that they will probably be using when they get to black belt.¬†And let’s face the facts: purple belts do struggle. They may no longer be wrestling with the blue belt blues, but that doesn’t mean the rest of their journey to black belt is going to be all gumdrops and lollipops.

Purple belts still need help, and this video by black belt Steven Grossi may just give some of them the help they need.

Check it out below:


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